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Posted on 04-05-2016

How I wish this wasn't a problem in animals.  But it is.  And it isn't going anywhere quickly.  I invite you to really look at your pet the next time you think they are asking for food.  Most likely these animals that were made to fend for themselves, hunt, stalk, take down prey are simply asking for your attention, a job, a task, something to occupy them.  Food will work - it is a reward.  However, the damage we are doing to our pets in America can not be denied.  On any given day our practice is handling 20-30 diabetics that we know of.  I'm certain there are more that we haven't been given the opportunity to diagnose.  It's challenging.  It's expensive.  It's exhausting for our clients.  If there was just ONE reason to keep your pet's waist line trim, that would be it. 

It doesn't end there though.  Having overweight pet's increases their chance of CANCER, ARTHRITIS, HEART DISEASE, and SHORTENED LIFESPAN.  Not to mention they just don't feel good!  Have you ever struggled with weight in your life?  It doesn't feel good.  And we now know there is an emotional impact from weight.  The fat tissue in our bodies, and those of our pets, becomes an organ releasing/creating hormones of its own. 

So if we can ask one thing of our clients it would be to please, know that what you feed your pet and how much is VERY important.  If you would like to try something new and just want our opinion - ask us!  We'd be more than happy to walk with you on this journey to improve your pet's health.  I promise you it will be worth it.

Please visit wwwpetobesityprevention.org for more help and information on this subject.

Jackie Rowan said:

Well said. Now please get my dog's grandparents to stop giving him treats because he's cute when he begs. :-/ You rock Dr. S

2016-04-05 18:44:10

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